Small shops are at the heart of the borough’s high streets and town centres. They offer diversity and choice and provide a really personal service to our community. Yet these independent retailers are under threat. They face a rising burden of regulation and tax, a daily battle against crime and violence, and competition from the growth of out-of-town shopping centres.

It is estimated that 2000 shops close every year.  We wish to stand up for small retailers and recognise the vital role they play at the heart of our communities.

 As a result, your local Conservative councillors are campaigning to promote and save our small shops.

You can help save your local shop. Become part of our campaign to keep small shops at the heart of our community. To register your support please complete the form below.  Simply nominate your favourite shop or shops, add your email address and post-code and we will enter the shop into draw. 

Why do we need your email address?  Once our survey is completed, we will email you the results along with a brief report.  Why join our mailing list?  We would like to keep you up to date with this campaign and there will be an additional competition starting later in the year.

Promoted and published by Jonathan Pritchard on behalf of Cllr Graham Whitham and Cllr Jonathan Pritchard, both at SCWPCA, Donning House, 2a Sutton Court Road, Sutton Surrey SM2 4SY